Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Warmachine: Cygnar vs Farrow

There has been somewhat of a resurgence in popularity of Warmachine and Hordes at my local game store. This has given me a chance to play my first games since the Mark 2 rules came out a few years ago. So far I have been able to play about 3 games with my Cygnar army.

Cygnar vs. Farrow
The pictures are from a game I played against my friend Chris.  I am still getting the hang of the rules (thats my story) so Chris and his pigs carried the day without much problem. Still it was a fun game and good to get a chance to roll some dice and move some minis around again.

There is more after the jump.

A Stormsmith faces some Brigands on the right flank

A model's eye view of a Stormsmith about to sizzle some bacon with his lightning attack. 

I have a pretty good amount of stuff painted for Cygnar. I will try to get some new pictures of my already painted units posted. In the meantime there are some pictures on the Cygnar page. Follow the link or choose Warmachine/Hordes->Cygnar from the menu. However I want to replace those pictures with some better ones.

Thanks for reading.

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