Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrain Project: Red Planet - Storage Tanks & Drilling Rig WIP

Hello readers. Today I am back with some more terrain pieces for my Red Planet terrain project. The pieces I am sharing today are all made with resin sets from Armorcast.

Triple Refinery Tanks
This is a resin set made to fit 3 energy drink cans with a base and 3 can toppers. The resin base on this one curves up enough that it does not sit flat. I think I am going to need to make a larger base to glue it to to flatten it out.

There is more after the jump.

Double Refinery Tanks
This is another resin set, made to work with soda cans instead of red bull cans.

Horizontal Refinery Tank
Here is another one of these soda can tanks, this one horizontal. I really like these pieces. I think I need to paint some kind of logo on the tanks though.

This piece is all resin. It looks to me like the made it using ping pong balls.  This makes a nice little piece of terrain with the three spherical tanks.

Soda can tanks ready for primer
Here you can see how the resin pieces fit onto the soda cans.

mini oil rig

I really like this mini oil rig. This piece is resin with some pieces of heavy gauge wire.

another angle

It's a miracle it still pumps with that amount of rust covering it! :P

Oil Rig

If you made it this far, thanks for reading - or just looking at the pictures.

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