Monday, November 17, 2014

Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Charr

This is the figure for my 13th Pathfinder Society character Trade Prince Charr. Even though Charr is a low level character he has friends in high places - which he made by doing favors for them. As a result he has earned the title Trade Prince much earlier that is normally possible.

Charr, an Ifrit Oracle of Flame
Charr is all about the fire, you might even say is obsessed with it. He is both an Ifrit - a human with a touch of an elemental fire creature's blood in his family tree - and an Oracle of Flame - a Divine spellcaster devoted to the Mystery of Flame. He also has some martial training (1 level of fighter) to make him a Dex based melee combatant with a wide variety of cool fire powers.

Side View
This character is only second level so far, but he is really fun to play. I am looking forward to playing him more - and having a special miniature made specifically to represent him on the table.

The figure is the Jalahandra Warrior figure from Reaper. I just placed it on a square wood base and added some texture.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paint Table Saturday VI

Another week has gone by so it is time for another paint table update!  This week I have some work in progress shots of a few of the figures that I have been working on. The main paint table is still pretty cluttered, but I have been trying to clear it off by painting some of the figures that have been hanging around.

The main table is still pretty cluttered
 You can see some bits of the table, but there are still plenty of figures to paint!  With the Arctic Blast of cold air hitting the US this past week it has been too cold to use any spray primer so I have been using brush on primer which means not working on the larger models on the table.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paint Table Saturday V

Hi There! I have missed two Saturdays so I wanted to get this post in even if it is a day late. I had family staying with me from out of town (Hey Dad!) which was great but cut into my time for painting and modeling in a big way.  I put a bunch of Orks together for Orktober but I didn't acutally get around to painting any of them!  I will do another post to update the progress of the Orks soon-ish.

Paint Table Saturday 11/08/2014
So the biggest development around the paint table is that I acutally got down to painting some miniatures!

More after the jump.

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