Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paint Table Saturday VI

Another week has gone by so it is time for another paint table update!  This week I have some work in progress shots of a few of the figures that I have been working on. The main paint table is still pretty cluttered, but I have been trying to clear it off by painting some of the figures that have been hanging around.

The main table is still pretty cluttered
 You can see some bits of the table, but there are still plenty of figures to paint!  With the Arctic Blast of cold air hitting the US this past week it has been too cold to use any spray primer so I have been using brush on primer which means not working on the larger models on the table.

Figures on the short list to be painted
Here are the models that I have moved over to the auxillary tray table to work on paintng to start with.

The Figure for my Pathfinder Society Character, Ram Khemet
This is a work in progress shot of my Pathfinder Society character, Ram Khemet. The figure is one of the Black Legionaires from Reaper,

Reaper Bones Werewolf
Here is the werewolf from last week. It basically looks the same, I just did some touch ups on the details. I will spray it with matte varnish once the weather warms up a bit.

Reaper Metal Axebeak 
Here is the axebeak I have been working on, it has some basic colors on it now.

Thanks for reading. :)
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