Sunday, October 5, 2014

Paint Table Saturday II

So this is my second entry for Paint Table Saturday.You may recall from last week that the first item on the todo list was to get organized so that I had enough space to get some work done. It may not look like I have made much progress but I have. I actually have another desk upstairs that was in a simliar state. So I have been working on getting everything in one spot and organized.

Organized?  Getting There
Also I didn't show this last week, but there was a bunch of stuff under the table as well. That stuff is pretty much squared away until I have a chance to work on it.

More Stuff Under The Table
So what did I actually get done this week in terms of modeling and painting?  Well no painting, but I did start on some Warhammer 40K Ork models for Orctober.

Thanks for reading.

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