Saturday, October 11, 2014

Orctober: Ork Wartracks and Buggies WIP

Hey there,
I am back today with an update on my Ork vehicles that I have been working on for Orctober.
You may remember from last week that I had the basic vehicles done but needed to add both crew and weapons to the buggies and tracks.

A peek at the work in progress

So a quick read of the Warbuggies entry in the current Ork Codex shows that a unit of Warbuggies has a maximum unit size of five. This is fortuitous since I have five models in progress. Also there is an option to upgrade the Buggies individually to Wartracks, sorry Wartrakks, for five points each. Being Trakked lets the vehicle re-roll dangerous terrain tests.  For weapons, the Trakks or Buggies can be armed with a twin-linked Big Shoota or a twin-linked Rokkit Launcha.  Also a Warbuggy can be upgraded to a Skorcha for 10 points which gives it Trakked and changes the weapon to a Skorcha flame weapon.

So going by the models my unit will have one Warbuggy with a twin-linked Rokkit Launcha, one Wartrakk with a twin-linked Rokkit Launcha, two Wartrakks with twin-linked Big Shootas, and one Skorcha.

There is more after the jump.

Warbuggy with twin-linked rokkit launcha
Here is my one Warbuggy. It still needs the driver at this point. To the left you can see one of the Wartrakks that still needs both a driver and some weapons.

Skorcha, work in progress
Building my triple barreled Skorcha!

Skorcha Wartrakk WIP
I moved the sentinel basket from the other Wartrakk to this one to make the Skorcha.

Skorcha Wartrakk WIP
Some pics of my Skorcha Wartrakk. I still need to add some hoses connecting the fuel drums to the weapon. And a driver and gunner of course!

The Cybork-Wartrakk
The Cybork-Wartrakk
This will just count as a normal Wartakk with twin-linked Big Shootas, but the driver of this one is a Mek-boy or Cybork that has gone so far as to fuse himself with his Wartrakk. I had an extra Cybork head and the front of a Cybork torso left over in my bits box so I crammed him into a 50 gallon drum and mounted it in a tank hatch, His right arm is from the Killer Kan set I think and the left arm is a metal Warboss arm holding a custom made Shoota.

Conversion Tip: the 50 galleon drums from the GW battlefield accessories sprue fit perfectly inside a tank hatch from a rhino!

Look Out, Grots at the Wheel!

Here is that Rokkit Buggy again, this time with a driver. The ork drivers from the old buggy and truck kits are so small compared to the current orks. I clipped the head off this driver and added a head from a fantasy goblin and he is now about the right size for a grot.

Wartrakk with twin-linked Rokkit Launcha
Wartrakk with Rokkit Launcha
 Here is the other Rokkit Wartrakk. I did the same type of goblin head swap on this driver. This one is just about ready for some paint.

Found a wheel to go on the drivers side of this Wartrakk!
Here is the last of the five vehicles. This driver got the same goblin head swap plus a set of headphones that I think came from the Stompa kit. This one just needs some weapons. It will get a twin-linked big shoota, I just have to figure out where to mount it.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments.

note to self: never turn on spell checking when writing an ork related post!
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