Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Orctober Goodness

 While working on my Ork Warbuggies for Orctober, I ended up pulling out all of my Ork models and putting a bunch of stuff together.

Ork Kommandos
I found 10 metal ork heads with gas masks.  I combined these with a bunch of  metal and plastic stickbomb bits to make a unit of 15 Ork Kommandos.  These guys look different enough from regular Ork Boyz that it should be easy to tell them apart.

There is more after the jump.

Ork Vehicles Case
 I also put together six of the plastic Deffkoptas from the Assault on Blackreach set. This gives me a total of nine Deffkoptas, which is almost two max size (5) squads. You can also see one of my two Battlewagons and a small box of Ork bits.

Warbuggies and Wartrkks
The Warbuggies and Wartrakks have been primed silver.

Clanking Behemoth
 I also put this guy together.It is the Clanking Behemoth (I think) from Kromlech miniatures. This guy will count as a Deff Dread.

Clanking Behemoth Rear

Ork Plane Front
Ork Plane
I also put together this Ork Fighter Plane which is also from Kromlech. I didn't realize it when I recieved this model in the mail a few months ago, but the rear tail fin piece is missing. I will have to find or make a replacement piece.

I have a few more models to put together for my Ork army:  1 Trukk, 1 Battlewagon, 10 Flash Gitz and about 20 more Ork Boyz. I think I am going to go ahead and put all that stuff together and then start painting.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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