Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Even More Weird Shaped Dice

Gamers, especially RPG players, are no strangers to multi-sided or "Polyhydral" dice. I recently* did a Kickstarter to fill in more dice in the range between the d4 and the d30. The standard RPG dice set contains the following dice: four-sided (d4), "normal" or six-sided (d6), eight-sided (d8), two ten-sided (d10) one of which is numbered as tens (10, 20, etc), twelve-sided (d12) and a twenty-sided (d20).  The two ten-sided (2d10) dice can be rolled together to generate a number between 1 and 100, this is called a d100 or percentile dice.

*Not so recently actually, I found this post exiled in the drafts folder just waiting to be published on the blog! :(

The thirty-sided (d30) has been around for a while as well. Why? No one knows!  The only time I have seen one used is to throw at a player who is being a jerk! (d30s are pretty heavy)

Expanded Dice Set
So in the picture above you can see there are some additional dice to the standard ones I mentioned above.  First there is a d3 (you have the naming convention down by now right?) but this one doesn't really count as a new type of die since it is just a d6 numbered 1 to 3 twice.

Then there is the d7 - yeah an actual seven sided die. This one is super weird. More about it later.

The set also includes a d14, d16, d18, d22, and d24! What am I going to do with all these amazing dice? Um, probably nothing since no game actually makes use of them yet. But the important thing is ...they exist and they are mine!   I don't wanna hear any sarcastic comments from minis gamers unless you actually think you will be able to paint all the minis you own before you die. RPG players buy dice like minis gamers buy figures.

So back to the d7, this one is weird because of the odd number of sides. Most dice have an even number of sides so that when the die lands on a flat side there is also a flat side facing up. When this d7 lands, because of ...geometery and stuff, there is a edge facing up instead of a flat side. Here is the weird part, there is still a number on the "top" of the die because the numbers actually wrap around the edges instead of being on the middle of a flat side.

Thanks for reading!  The DICE GODS command you to leave a comment!  :P

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