Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Miniatures Project: Pathfinder Society Characters: Godric

This is the miniature for my Original Pathfinder Society character, Godric. Long time readers of this blog have probably seen this miniature before as I painted it several years ago and have made a few posts about it before. As one of my current projects I am painting figures and posting the stats of all my Pathfinder Society characters.

The figure for Godric is the Bertok, Barbarian figure from Reaper Miniatures. I added the sheild.
There is more after the jump.

Godric, side view
The wood plank base is sculpted from green stuff.

Godric's Back
This is the best angle to see some of Godric's tribal style tattoos. The shield is so large it mostly blocks the view of them from the front.

So there is one down and about 24 figures to qo to cover all of my Pathfinder Society Characters.

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