Friday, September 26, 2014

Gone and Back Again

So about three months ago in June I was just getting back into posting on this blog in a regular fashion again. Then I abrupting stopped posting anything. Sadly this was not a first in the history of this blog which has been on again, off againt at best. Unfortunately, this time it was not just me being lazy or getting distracted by work or other things.

In early June I fell and suffered a pretty severe fracture to my right wrist. It was bad enough that I had to have surgery to correct it. Now after surgery, a titanium plate and six screws and three months of physical therapy my wrist is more or less back to normal. My range of motion is almost back to 100% but I am still working on recovering the strength in both my wrist and my grip in the right hand.

Since the experts say all blog posts should have a picture here it is. Sorry if you are squeamish. This is from about a week after surgery.

Just before I took the stitches out.
So I have obviously recovered enough to type and use a mouse and I am ready to try my hand (ha! see what I did there?) at painting again. So expect to see some more posts start to come out from me on a regular basis again.

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