Saturday, June 7, 2014

Terrain Project: Red Planet - Pumping Station

Hello there readers.   So as I posted the other day I am working on a new terrain project called Red Planet. This is a set of terrain for Warhammer 40K but could be used for any Sci-Fi game.  So the idea is a Mars-like planet with red sand/dust everywhere. The buildings will be mostly industrial since no-one would really want to live there due to the harsh environment. The corrosive atmosphere also causes the exposed machinery to rust at an accelerated pace.

I will also be rebasing my original 40K army, the Imperial Fists to have red sand bases that will match this terrain.

The front of the Pumping Station
This is the first of two larger pieces that I have already completed. I call this one the Pumping station due to the tubes and pipes on the reverse side.  This building is built mostly of the parts from the GW Manufactorum kit, but I bought a whole Imperial City Sector* so there are most likely a few bits from the other kits mixed in.

*The original Imperial City Sector I bought when it was first released was like the one in the link but with x3 more of everything. One of those rare limited time deals from GW.

There is more stuff after the jump.

Pumping Station left side view
The base is covered in red colored craft sand. This is what it looks like just glued to the base with white glue, no washes or anything. Since it has some sparkly bits in there, I decided to varnish the model first so the matte spray would not dull them.  I got a pint sized bottle of the sand a Wal-Mart for just a few bucks.

Pumping Station right side view
I put a piece of metal mesh in the ruined corner mostly just to block line of sight into the inside of the building where nothing is painted. I think it turned out kind of cool.

Pumping Station rear view

Pumping Station front work in pogress
Here are a couple of work in progress pictures. Unfortunately all I have are unpainted and completely finished pictures with nothing in between. These do show the bases nicely though. I use 0.08 inch (~2mm) thick plasticard. It is kind of pricey but I like it because it is strong enough to support most terrain pieces without being super thick.

Pumping Station rear work in progres
Well, thanks for reading if you have made it this far. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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