Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Terrain Project: Autumn in Ithillian Updating Older Pieces

Okay so the first set of pieces for this project I did from scratch. If you count using plastic kits as "from scratch" I guess. I know there are some terrain purists out there who definitely DO NOT.  However some of the plastic kits available now are just too cool not to use. But never fear my purist friends I have made my fair share of truly scratch-built terrain (see here for my scratch building "street-cred" =P) and I am planning what I hope will be a super-cool scratch-built center piece for this table.

I am sure there was a point in there when I started. Right! Non-scratch-built-stuff.  So I had a bit of Lord of the Rings terrain before I started all this and it was mostly built from the old GW Lord of the Rings terrain packs so it matches the new pieces.

Some existing terrain pieces that are getting an update.
In the back there are two ruined buildings on 6"x6" bases, one with a detached corner for more versatility. In the left front you can see a full set of the statues and broken columns from a terrain pack.  In the right front there are two unpainted statues from the Ruins of Osgillitath set and an extra broken statue from the terrain pack, also unpainted.  The unpainted pieces I will keep on hand and work into some of the other upcoming pieces. The rest I will be updating with the "Autumn" look.

More after the jump.

Medium Ruins
I did an improved paint job on the gravel pathways. Frankly the first one was pretty shoddy.  Then I added some twigs for logs and some clump foliage in both greens, yellow and orange.  I thought about doing a wash on the twigs, but I have just left them natural for now.

Medium Ruins

This ruin has one corner wall detached  so you have more options in placing it for a game.

A view through the archways.
The last step is just addint the autumn leaf scatter.

Broken Column
On this small broken column piece, I just added some autumn leaves in the middle there. The other small pieces didn't have much space on them so I ended up not adding anything to them at all.

Well, thanks for reading, if you have made it this far. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear what people think, good or bad!  :)

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