Sunday, May 18, 2014

Terrain Project: Autumn in Ithillian Update 3

Hi There!
I have recently picked up working on a terrain project that I started over a year ago back in early 2013.  Earlier posts on the Autumn in Ithillian Project can be found here. Unfortunately due to my gamer ADD this project was in limbo for quite a while, however I have come back to it and have made a good bit of progress on the new terrain pieces for the project.

Ruins WIP
Added static grass to the nearly finished pieces
In the above photo you can see the seven new terrain pieces that I have been developing for this project. Here I have added static grass. All that is left to be done on them is to add the clump foliage and fallen autumn leaves.

There are a more photos after the jump.

The rear side of the Hall of Statues (left) and the Gatehouse (right).
The new terrain pieces consist of two larger pieces; the Hall of Statues (12in x 6in) and the Gatehouse (12in x 4in). There are also five smaller pieces; the Ruined Crypt, the Ruined Watch Tower, the Ruined Stairs, the Ranger Camp (all 4in x 4in) and the Well & Statue (3in x 3in).

The statue and broken arch on one end of the Gatehouse.
The smaller pieces, with the Ruined Stairs in the front.
The smaller pieces with a front view of the Gatehouse behind.

The front side of the Ruined Crypt.
The front of the Hall of Statues
A closeup of the Well and Statue piece
Here is a closeup of the Well & Statue piece. I added some Posion Ivy from Army Painter on the wall and the back of the statue. I think it looks good, but it was a royal pain to get it glued in place. I ended up with a good amount of the leaves glued to my pliers and my fingers. :P

So that is it for now, but I will be back with more updates soon.  Please post a comment if you liked this post or to give me suggestions on how to improve the pieces.  Thanks for reading!

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