Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Terrain Project: Autumn in Ithiliian First Pieces Finished

Okay so I have finished the first set of terrain pieces for the Autumn in Ithillian table that I am doing. Since it has been such a long time since I started this thing, I will just remind everyone or let any new readers know that this project was inspired by my Rangers of Ithillian army and the display board I built for them for a tournament a few years ago. Basically I wanted to do a whole game table (4'x6') of terrain that would be like that display board - or at least give the same look and feel as the display board. You can read about that here.

The Gatehouse
Here is the finished Gatehouse with clump foliage and autumn leaf scatter added. This was the last step required to finish up all of these pieces.

A closeup of the Statue at the end of the Gatehouse
I like how this little path by the statue and doorway turned out.

There are more pictures after the jump.

The rear side of the Gatehouse.

The Hall of Statues
Whoops, this picture is a little off kilter, but it shows the front of  the Hall of Statues.

Hall of Statues Yard

A view from around the side of the Hall of Statues.
I think this would have been the main entrance to the building before it was destroyed.

The rear side of the Hall of Statues.
Here is a nice picture of the whole piece from the rear side.

The Ruined Stairs
Now on to the smaller pieces. This is the Ruined Stairs. I like the bush peeking out from under the platform there.

The Ruined Watch Tower

The Ranger Camp

I am pretty happy with how the tents turned out. They match the color of the grass almost perfectly.

The Well & Statue
Ivy growing on the wall by the Well & Statue.

The Ruined Crypt
Oops, this ones a bit blurry. Obviously the resident spirits do not want the crypt to be disturbed.  I will have to get a clearer picture to replace this one.

Side view of the Ruined Crypt
Well that is all for now as it completes the first set of terrain pieces for the table, but I have more to do before I am ready to call this project finished.  Thanks for reading - or just looking at the pictures! If you liked this post or have a suggestion for more terrain pieces  please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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