Thursday, February 7, 2013

Terrain Project: Autumn in Ithillian Update 2

Hi there! I have been a bit busy actually playing some games (Lord of the Rings & Pathfinder) and have not posted in about a week. However I have been working on my Ithillian Terrain in the meantime.  The first pieces that I started are completely painted and ready for a coat of spray varnish. Unfortunately it decided to rain tonight so I will have to wait until tomorrow for that. After the spray varnish all that remains is to add rocks. logs, static grass, foliage and fallen leaf scatter. That will really bring the "Autumn" part to the table.

The Gatehouse Front
In the meantime here are some pictures of the pieces with their finished paint jobs.  This first big piece I am calling the "Gatehouse". This one is on a 4"x12" base.

The Gatehouse Back
Here is a look at the Gatehouse from the other side.

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