Thursday, February 7, 2013

Terrain Project: Autumn in Ithillian Update 2

Hi there! I have been a bit busy actually playing some games (Lord of the Rings & Pathfinder) and have not posted in about a week. However I have been working on my Ithillian Terrain in the meantime.  The first pieces that I started are completely painted and ready for a coat of spray varnish. Unfortunately it decided to rain tonight so I will have to wait until tomorrow for that. After the spray varnish all that remains is to add rocks. logs, static grass, foliage and fallen leaf scatter. That will really bring the "Autumn" part to the table.

The Gatehouse Front
In the meantime here are some pictures of the pieces with their finished paint jobs.  This first big piece I am calling the "Gatehouse". This one is on a 4"x12" base.

The Gatehouse Back
Here is a look at the Gatehouse from the other side.

Hall of Statues
This second piece is the largest so far on a 6"x12" base. I am calling this one the Hall of Statues for obvious reasons.

Hall of Statues Rear
The other side of the Hall of statues.  Now lets take a look at the smaller pieces.

The Rangers' Camp
Here is the Rangers' Camp piece. It is on a 4"x4" base. I like how the tents came out, but I wimped out a bit on the campfire. I just painted the logs and stones and didn't try for any ember/hot coals effect. The Rangers must have had a cold camp to avoid detection. ;)

The Rangers' Camp
Reverse angle of the Rangers' Camp.

Ruined Watchtower

Ruined Watchtower
I like this piece, it will make a good place to defend. This is also on a 4"x4" base.

Ruined Stairs

Ruined Stairs Back
Here are the Ruined Stairs, another small 4"x4" piece. Maybe I should make up a rule about going down one trap door and coming out the other one on the next turn?  The two pieces would have to be fairly close together.

Statue & Well

Statue and Well
Here is the finished Statue & Well. This one is on a 3"x3" base.

Ruined Crypt Unpainted
 This last piece is one I started a bit later while I was waiting for the paint to dry on some of the other pieces. I call this one the Ruined Crypt. It uses a pair of the Ziterdes "Seer" resin statues, the last corner from the Lord of the Rings Terrain pack, some GW modular movement tray as the floor tiles and the lid from Balin's sarcophagus  from the old Mines of Moria box set.

Side View of Ruined Crypt Unpainted
Here is another view. This piece is also on a 4"x4" base.

Ruined Crypt
Here it is with the finished paint job.

Side View of the Ruined Crypt
So there is what I have done so far. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.  I should be back in a couple of days with at lease a few completely finished pieces.

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