Monday, January 28, 2013

Old School Giants

I was looking through some boxes of minis tonight and I found some old giant figures from my junior high/high school D&D collection. These are some of the few figures that didn't "mysteriously" disappear while I was away at college. Mom swore she no idea what could have happened to the majority of my minis! 

Old School Titan

Titan Rear View
These things look surprising good considering I was using testors gloss enamal paint, a large brush and only had about 20 paint colors total. Also I had no idea how to mix paint and there were no internet blogs to show me how. In addition I had to walk to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways, ya whippersnapper!

Frost Giant!
Apparently even back then I thought painting details like eyes was superfluous. Some things never change.

Frost Giant Butt!

Fire Giant

Fire Giant Rear View
 Highlights? We don't need no stinking highlights!

Yikes! The scariest thing about this Balrog is not the whip or sword!

Thanks for reading!

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