Friday, January 18, 2013

Battle Report: Mordor vs. Galadhrim

I got a chance to play Lord of the Rings against my friend Jonathan tonight. He has a blog called The Inevitable Spark. I played my Mordor and Jonathan brought his Galadhrim Elves. We rolled the Lords of Battle scenario, which basically gives you a victory point for every wound inflicted on the enemy or every point of Fate you make them spend.

Initial Deployment
Jonathan's Elves were lead  by Rumil and two Elf Captains. He had a small group of Galadhrim Knights and a few Guards of the Galadhrim Court, with the rest of his force made up of Galadhrim Warrirors variously armed with Elf Blades, Spears or Bows.

My Mordor force had two warbands of Black Numenorians and Orcs; one lead by a Nazgul and the other a  Black Numenorean Marshal. Grishnakh lead a third warband of Orcs. I also tried playing with two Castellans of Dol Guldur for the the first time. 
A long way across the field when facing Elven Archery
This was not my best game. I closed with the Elves and then could not overcome their superior Fight value. Jonathan's Elves beat my poor guys down all across the table. The Castellans are very interesting characters to play with. I will have to get some paint on them and try them again. I don't think I used them to their full potential this game.

It is getting pretty late so I will just let the remaining pictures speak for themselves.

Rumil's Warband held the center.

The Elven left flank, lead by an Elf Captain.

My Center Charge fell short allowing the Elves another volley.
My charge on the left was also short!
On My left, the Elven Cavalry charge stopped my advance until it was too late.

 Thanks for the game Jonathan. It was fun even though you stomped my guys pretty good.

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