Sunday, January 13, 2013

Battle Report: Gondor vs. Harad

Hello Internet Game People! (IGPs?)
Last week I had a chance to play the new Hobbit: SGB rules against my friend Aaron. For those that may not know, this is Games Workshop's update of the Lord of the Rings: SBG to tie in with the new movies - its basically just a new edition of the game.  So that explains why we are using LotR armies when playing the "Hobbit" game.

Anyway I brought my Gondor force and Aaron represented the dark side by bringing his Harad army. Aaron also has a blog called Dulce et Decorum Est and you can read his battle report for this game here. He also has some nice pictures (better than mine) from his side of the table.

Initial Deployment - the Harad are hold up in a ruined building.
 We were playing a basic To the Death! scenario since we were trying out the new rules and I had only played a couple of games in the last 8 or 9 months. The above picture shows our initial deployment where Aaron took up a defensive position in the ruin with his archers. With one more warband, I was able to place my archers off to the left where they could shoot at him from behind. Although if I had it to do over I would put them about 12-16 inches closer.
Here is a quick recap of what our forces consisted of:

Faramir was my leader, with a Captain of Minas Tirith, Cirion and Damrod. Faramir led a mix of Osgilliath Veterans and Warriors of Minas Tirith. The Captain lead a group of Warriors of Minas Tirith with a banner. Damrod led a troop of Rangers of Gondor. Cirion led a small band (8) of Warriors of Minas Tirith.

Lead by the King of Harad, a Captain, a Taskmaster and one of Nine Ringwraiths, the Harad force contained about 6 or 8 Abrakan Guards and the rest Warriors of Harad about half of which had bows with poisoned arrows.

I had a modest advantage of numbers with 47 models to Aaron's 40.

Beset by the Nazgul's foul Magic, Faramir is hard pressed to defend himself.
 The center lines closed quickly with Faramir and my Captain leading the charge. Aaron had all 4 of his heroes in the area which posed a bit of a problem. I think Faramir as transfixed by the Nazgul for about 4 or 5 turns in a row, plus he was struck with a heroically channeled black dart that only managed to inflict a single wound. Faramir was my MVP, 75 points of awesome that refused to die and took up lots of Aaron's resources and attention.  Aaron's Taskmaster also turned out to be his MVP allowing him to call multiple heroic actions without spending the might. The biggest factor that went in my favor may have been the dice, I won every roll for drawn combats or contested heroic actions.

This looks grim, but to the left Cirion and Damrod have smashed the Harad's flank in the ruins.
It may have been a struggle in the center of the board, but on the left flank Cirion's warband ripped through the Harad warriors in the ruin without much trouble. Also after a few rounds of shooting, Damrod and his Rangers were not much of a factor since they were so far out of position. Although the new Heroic March action was a good use of Damrod's single might point to let them move an extra 3" one turn and get back into the fight a bit more quickly.

Endgame- The Harad force is broken, but not before mortally wounding Faramir.
 Coming around the rear of the ruins, Cirion engages the Nazgul in an attempt to drain his last few points of remaining Will. The foul thing escaped with a single point left, but it was a valiant effort. Also the Harad managed kill my banner bearer and then on the last turn of the game surround Faramir and finally strike him down. However at that point they were not only broken but had taken enough casualties to cause them to flee the field of battle.

This was a fun game and a chance to try out the new rules. I think everyone in our local group is in agreement that they are an improvement over the previous edition. I have played two more games since this one, both using my Mordor army, and they have been lots of fun as well. I am really a big fan of the new Heroic March action added in this edition. I hope that is not because I am always out of position with my models!

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