Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 New Year's Post

Hello Internet!
Or more accurately the teeny, tiny corner that may see this post. :)

So it is a new year - welcome baby 2013, mind the stairs- and as a would be blogger I am required to make a year in review post. So what happened this past year with my gaming hobby and blog? Well the short answer is "not enough". I made one of these posts for 2012 where I resolved to try and make 2-3 posts a week and play a whole bunch of games both new and old.

2012 started out promising with a nice number of games and 30 blog posts between January and May. The end of May is where things went off the rails and real life - work mostly - intruded on my best laid plans to make this blog a regular thing. The remainder of the year saw only a single lonely post in September and no miniature gaming at all between May and December.

The end of the year did see things pick up a bit on hobby and gaming side. I did get in a couple of Lord of the Rings games in before the end of the year. Also the new release of the Hobbit models and rules did spark a resurgence of interest in the game both in myself and our local community. In the last week or so I have assembled the entire Hobbit Escape from Goblintown box set plus a box of Hunter Orcs and a box of Hunter Orcs on Wargs.

I will also take this time to try and revive this blog from the the dead. I will try and learn from last year and not make too many predicitions, but the goals will still be the same. First I will continue to try and make an average of two posts each week, which should end the year at around 100 posts (104 to be exact for you OCD types). Second is to not only build and paint models more consistently, but to actually play more games. I own armies for multiple games, I want to put them to actual use and have some fun playing games.

I guess that is a couple of goals that are actually achievable and not too ambitious. We'll see how it goes!

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