Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tyranids: Converted Mycetic Spores WIP Part 1

Okay so I wanted to do some Mycetic Spores for my Hive Fleet Scorpius Tyranids Army. For some reason when I think "Tyranid Terrain" I always think of egg shapes. Now Mycetic Spores are not technically terrain, but they are very terrain-like once they hit the table. So the idea for Mycetic Spores I have had percolating in my head for a while has been to make them like giant versions of the eggs from the Aliens movies.

Also I have recently cleaned off my hobby table at home enough to do some larger projects. I decided to do a bit of a how-to article on this project. It will have to be at least two parts since I didn't get finished last night. 

Did I mention this particular project was going to be done on the cheap? Just in case GW comes out with some awesome models at a later date. So here it is:

How To Make Your Own Inexpensive Mycetic Spores
Part 1

Styrofoam Eggs
The first thing you will need is some large-ish styrofoam eggs. I got these ones for $3.99 each at Hobby Lobby. I think these were the second largest size they had.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scorpion-Spider Thingy

"Oh scorpion-spider thingy, what are you?  Are you a scorpion or a spider?  All I know is you came out of a crack in the floor and stung Sir Bartemous on the ass. He died three minutes later, after turning you into a mostly green paste."
-- Ode to the Spider-Scorpion, by Tristan of Redoak

Scorpion-Spider Thingy
So I painted this little guy about an year ago and he has just been hanging out in a dusty corner of my hobby table ever since. I thought I would post a picture since I am trying to get more of my RPG figures up on the blog.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tyranids: Parasite of Mortrex

I haven't had much time to post recently, but I have managed to finish painting my Parasite of Mortrex model. I think this counts as the first completely finished model for my Tyranids army, including finishing the base. I decided to go with an overgrown foliage theme since I remember reading somewhere that Tyranids seed a planet with spores to make all the plants grow at an accelerated rate to more easily collect the bio-matter.

I don't really have to much more to say about this guy since I already posted a couple of WIP posts here and here.  There are, however, a bunch more pictures after the jump.
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