Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scorpion-Spider Thingy

"Oh scorpion-spider thingy, what are you?  Are you a scorpion or a spider?  All I know is you came out of a crack in the floor and stung Sir Bartemous on the ass. He died three minutes later, after turning you into a mostly green paste."
-- Ode to the Spider-Scorpion, by Tristan of Redoak

Scorpion-Spider Thingy
So I painted this little guy about an year ago and he has just been hanging out in a dusty corner of my hobby table ever since. I thought I would post a picture since I am trying to get more of my RPG figures up on the blog.

Scorpion-Spider Profile

Not sure of manufacturer of this mini. I did get him at the same time I got the Flying Eyeballs, that is about all I remember. I was told it was now made by Ral Partha Europe though.

[edit] Okay I just did a little google-fu and found out this guy is called the Maraskainian Tarantula and is part of the the Das Schwarze Auge line by Ral Partha Europe. I, however, will still call it a scorpion-spider thingy! :P

Coming Soon: Tyranid Gargoyles, Flying Hive Tryant

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