Friday, April 20, 2012

Flying Eyeballs!

In between working on my Tyranids, I thought a would take a break and paint up something quick. I have had these little guys for a few years now. I don't recall the manufacturer or where I even got them.  But what the hey, the are Flying Eyeballs which are pretty damn cool in my book.

[edit 5/9/12] I just found out these are called Gotongi Demons and are part of the Das Schwarze Auge line by Ral Partha Europe. That is all.
A Flock (?) of Flying Eyeballs!
 So I have eight of these things in total. Now that I have them painted I guess I will have to make up some D&D / Pathfinder stats for them. It seems like a no-brainer to give them some kind of gaze attack.  If you have any ideas for game stats, post a comment!

More pictures after the jump.

Coming Soon: Who knows I have some hobby ADD right now.

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