Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tyranids Work in Progress

This evening I got a chance to work some more on my tyranids.  I was able to work on the flying Hive Tryrant, the Tervigon and my Parasite of Mortrex conversion. Basically, I have the green wash and the base coat of orkhide on the carapace completed on all of three of the models. If you are curious, I describe my paint scheme for Hive Fleet Scorpious in this post.

Flying Hive Tryant, WIP

More pictures after the jump.

Tervigon WIP

Finished with the 'egg sac'. I think the purple turned out pretty well. I used gloss varnish to give it a slimy, wet look.

Parasite of Mortrex Conversion WIP

Coming Soon: More Tyranids, LotR Terrain, Bloodbowl (eventually!), Mordor Uruk-Hai.

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