Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Poll Results: People Like Playing Games!

Imperial Fists chastise those Heretical Sisters of Battle! :)

Okay for my first monthly poll attempt I asked "What is your favorite aspect of the hobby?"

Possible answers were:
1. Building and/or Converting models
2. Making Terrain
3. Painting
4. Playing Games
5. Complaining about the Game Company

We got the following responses:

1. Building and/or Converting models  - 1 - 20%
2. Making Terrain - 0 -0%
3. Painting - 1 - 20%
4. Playing Games - 3 - 60%
5. Complaining about the Game Company - 0 - 0%

I guess it is not too surprising that the results show that people actually like to play these games! Now, 5 responses may not be a comprehensive data set, but I don't think it is too bad for a first try on a blog with only 19 followers!

I will continue to post a poll each month and I am looking into other poll gadgets/widgets that will allow commenting and/or reporting of the results.

If you have any suggestions for poll questions post them below!

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