Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Tyranids Work in Progress

I picked up the plastic Hive Tyrant and Tyrannofex/Tervigon kits this past Saturday. Today I had some time and started putting  the kits together.

Since I already have a metal hive tyrant that is walking, I opted to build this one using the flying option. He is armed with a lash whip and bone sword and scything talons, on his feet. I got him put together and primed with the necrotic flesh color I use for my paint scheme.

For the other kit I chose to make the Tervigon instead of the Tyranofex. I love the giant "brood sac" stuffed with all the Termagaunt babies. I figured it would be a lot easier to paint before putting the legs on the model.   So far it is assembled and primed with necrotic flesh and I have most of the basic colors on the model.

Coming Soon: more tyranids, blood bowl, mordor uruk-hai.

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