Sunday, March 18, 2012

Loot from the Old World

So I recently placed an order from Ziterdes, a German company that makes terrain pieces. They make some very nice terrain pieces some of which are perfect for Lord of the Rings. I ordered some things and this week got the first box of stuff.

King's Cliff

The first piece I bought is this awesome pre-painted hill called the King's Cliff. It is just about perfect for Lord of the Rings. It is made of hard foam and this is how it looks straight out of the package.

King's Cliff
You can see the Kings Cliff also has a stairway and platform on the reverse side from the statue.

King's Cliff

I also bought an assortment of unpainted resin statues that I plan on using for some Lord of the Rings terrain pieces.

The coolest stuff that I ordered from Ziterdes has not arrived yet, so expect another look at some more cool terrain when it does.

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