Sunday, February 5, 2012

Minas Tirith 600 Point Army List (Updated)

So if you play Games Workshop's Lord of the Ring Strategy Battle Game, you probably know that whole boatload (5) of new source books were just released for the game this weekend. These books don't change the rules of the game per se, but they do overhaul the army composition rules. Basically your army is now comprised of "units" called warbands. A warband consists of a hero and up to 12 warrior followers. For most armies this shouldn't pose a problem, but for horde armies that are 50 warriors led by 1 or 2 heroes, this is going to cause a major rework.

So I set down today to see how my existing armies fared with the new warband rules. First up is my Rangers of Ithillian army. the original version of which can be found in this post. Since the Rangers of Ithillian army list no longer exists, this army is now built off of the consolidated Minas Tirth list which combines the old Minas Tirith, Rangers of Ithillain, and Tower of Ecthelion lists.

I was a bit surprised to see that the list could be used as is with no changes necessary for the new rules. The army was already organized into four "units", something I previously did just for flavor. The four units consisted of groups of  16, 6, 9, & 12 warriors each lead by a hero. The only thing I had to do, would be to move 4 of the warriors from the big unit into one of the smaller units and I would be good to go - theoretically. The problem was that some of those warriors were Osgilliath Veterans, who have a special rule that only comes into play when they are near Faramir - no sense moving them to another warband.  Also there is now only one Faramir profile, so my ranger Faramir suddenly has access to a shield which would be very nice to work into the list if possible.

So here is what I came up with:

Minas Tirith 600 Point Army - Faramir's Rangers

Warband 1: Faramir's Troupe (188 pts)
Faramir, 80 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour, Shield; Heavy Armour)
6 Osgiliath Veterans, 54 pts (Loyal to the Captains; Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
6 Minas Tirith Spearmen, 54 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Warband 2: Cirion's Guard (139 pts)
Cirion, Lieutenant of Amon Barad, 55 pts (Boldest of the Bold; Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)
6 Citadel Guard, 48 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

4 Rangers w/Spears, 36 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Bow; Armour)

Warband 3: Osgilliath Garrison (157 pts)
Davion, Captain of Minas Tirith, 55 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
6 Minas Tirith Swordsmen, 48 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
6 Minas Tirith Spearmen, 54 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Warband 4: Damrod's Rangers (116 pts)
Damrod, 20 pts (Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour)
12 Rangers, 108 pts (Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour)

Heroes: 4
Warriors: 46

Bow Count: 16
Total Model Count: 50
Total Roster Cost: 600

So I dropped the banner and the spears from most of the rangers, but the entire model count went up by 3 and the bow count went up by 4. So I am excited to try this list out. I also looked at some options to customize this list a bit by switching out warband 2. Below are some alternate warbands that I could swap in its place.

Warband 2A: Tower Guard (139 pts)
Knight of the White Tower, 55 pts (Heavy Armor, White Sword of Gondor)
6 Minas Tirith Swordsmen, 48 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
4 Minas Tirith Spearmen, 36 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Warband 2B: Beregond's Guard (133 pts*)
Beregond, 25 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Longbow)
4 Citadel Guard, 32 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor)
4 Citadel Guard w/Spears, 36 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Spear; Heavy Armor)
4 Citadel Guard w/Longbows, 40 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Long Bow; Heavy Armor)
* Use remaining 6 points to add spears to 6 Rangers in Warband #4!

This one allies in a waband from The Fiefdoms list.
Warband 2C: Men of the Fiefdoms (139 pts)
Angbor the Fearless, 55 pts (Armour; Two-Handed Weapon)
6 Clansmen of Lamedon, 48 pts (The Honour of Lamedon; Armour; Two-Handed Weapon)
4 Axemen of Lossarnach, 36 pts (Heavy Armour; Axe of Lossarnach)

So that is what I have come up with for Minas Tirith. Let me know what you think by posting some comments!
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