Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gondor Warriors: Converted Citadel Guard

Citadel Guard are an interesting choice for a Gondor army. They have the Bodyguard special rule which allows them to automatically pass all courage checks as long as a designated hero is still alive and on the table. In my army lists I typically have them follow and bodyguard Cirion. The Bodyguard rule, combined with Cirion's own special rule Boldest of the Bold, which gives him +2 courage when charging models that cause Terror, makes for a group that can reliably charge terror causing models.

Citadel Guard can be armed with swords (hand weapons), spears or longbows according to the rulebooks. Unfortunately Games Workshop only makes Citadel Guard models with spears or longbows. Since I wanted to field them with swords, I decided to convert some of my own.

These guys started out as lowly Warriors of Minas Tirith with bows, a model not likely to see the game table with the option of fielding Rangers of Gondor just putting them to shame as archers. To begin with I cut away their bows and quivers and any visible sword hilts.  Next, I used green stuff to extend their tunics and add cloaks with shoulder mantles.  The sword hands were added next, they come from the Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnian Men-at-Arms set.

For painting, I started with the Army Painter Silver spray primer. Then I used P3 Cygnar Blue Base and Cygnar Blue Highlight on the cloaks, Shining Gold and Chainmail on their armor and Dwarf Flesh on the exposed skin areas.  I also used a Badab Black wash on the armor and Ogryn Flesh wash on the skin.


So there are my converted Citadel Guard for Lord of the Rings. Let me know what you think by adding a comment.

Coming Soon: Eagle vs Warg, Mordor Army lists, Lizard Folk!

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