Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eagles: Full Army

Blam! Here we are finally at the last post in this series featuring my Eagles of the Misty Mountains army. If you are still with me this far in, then thank you for sticking with me and you already know this is for the Lord of the Rings SBG by Games Workshop. Below is a shot of the entire army assembled together.

Eagles of the Misty Mountains
Back row l-to-r: Astrilmere, Landroval, Gwaihir, Meneldor
Front row l-to-r: Throndil, Westrilan, Evandor
In case you missed any of the posts in this series here are links to all the posts in order for easy reference.

The Eagles are Coming!
Eagles Army Work in Progress
Gwaihir, the Wind Lord
Evandor, Guardian of the North Peak
Throndil, Troll-Killer
Astrilmere, the Silent Hunter

So it was easy to see that trying to fit the Eagles into foam for transportation was going be problematic at best. Instead I instigated an Ingenious Plan to convince the guys at my FLGS - Collectormania - to let me keep the models in the store display case. The plan was to build a display board so super-ultra-cool that they couldn't say no to my request. As it turns out, the plan didn't need to be that ingenious since they let people keep models in there if you ask them nicely.

Eagles Aerie Display Board
So there is the completed Eagles Aerie display board. It is made of insulation foam and painted and finished in Autumn colors with twigs, rocks, static grass, clump foliage and autumn color flocking. Following are a few more pictures at various angles.

Eagle's Eye View

Eagles Aerie

Eagles Aerie
So up top I said this was the last in the series of Eagles posts, and for a while it will be, but I started a new Eagles related project at the all night lock in at Collectormania last weekend. I will just post one more pic as a sneak peak. Sorry the quality sucks but this pic was taken from my phone rather than a proper camera.

Is that Gandalf?
Coming Soon: Eldar, Lizard Folk, ??

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