Friday, January 13, 2012

Eagles: Meneldor

Just last week I have finished the Eagles of the Misty Mountains army for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game that I have been working on for about the last six months or so.You can read this post from last  August when I had the idea to start the army. I am really happy with the way they turned out, so I am going to be showing them to one at a time in  a series of posts over then couple of weeks.

Meneldor, work in progress
First up is Meneldor, who was one of the eagles that rescued Frodo and Sam from Mt. Doom after the destruction of the One Ring. He is represented by the Games Workshop Giant Eagle figure. This is the one figure that I already owned and had painted when I started the army. I have remounted the figure on a section of brass rod so he is now flying up at an angle rather than level. The base is a Woodland Base from Ebob Miniatures.

Meneldor, work in progress
 Here is a side view of Meneldor, with his old paint job.

Woodland Base
Woodland Base
Here are a couple of pictures of the finished base; painted and with static grass and some clump foliage for bushes. The figure can be moved between this base for playing games and the Eagle's Aerie display base that I have built - more on that later.

Meneldor with his old two-tone paint job.
Meneldor with his new paint job
This figure was already completely painted, but as I was working on some of the other figures, I grew less happy with the high contrast between his tail and wingtips and the rest of his body. I redid the shading and highlighting to reduce the contrast and repainted some details like the beak and talons to match the other eagles and make him fit in better with the rest of the army.

So there is your first look at my Eagles of the Misty Mountains.  Please leave me some comments about what you think.

Coming Soon: 40K Kill Team List, Hordes of the Things Lizardfolk

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