Friday, January 20, 2012

Eagles: Gwaihir

Welcome to the next installment of the the series featuring models from my newly completed Eagles of the Misty Mountains army for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Click here for a list of posts relating to the Eagles. I will be covering all the models in this army in a series of posts over the next couple of weeks.

Gwaihir, Work in Progress
 This time we will be taking a look at Gwaihir, the Windlord who is the greatest of the eagles during the third age of  Middle-Earth. Gwaihir is a friend to Gandalf and led Landroval and Meneldor to Mt. Doom to rescue Frodo and Sam after the destruction of The One Ring.

Gwaihir, work in progress
Gwaihir is represented by the Giant Eagle miniature from Reaper Miniatures. His base is made from a plain plastic base and a statue from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Terrain Pack.

Gwaihir's base

Gwaihir's base
Here are a couple of pictures of the completed base. It has been painted and decorated with static grass, autumn leaf scatter, twigs and some clump foliage.  Gwaihir is mounted on a section of brass rod and can be moved between this base and the Eagles Aerie display board.

Gwaihir the Windlord
Here are pictures of the completed miniature from all four sides.

Gwaihir the Windlord

Gwaihir, the Windlord

Gwaihir the Windlord

There is a look at Gwaihir, the leader of the Eagles army. Let me know what you think by posting some comments below.

Coming Soon: More Eagles, Firestorm Armada, HotT Lizardfolk

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