Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eagles: Evandor

Welcome back to my continuing series of posts showcasing models from my Eagles of the Misty Mountains army for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Click here for more posts concerning the Eagles. I am about halfway through this series, but there is still a bunch of Eagles goodness coming down the blog pipe.

Evandor, work in Progress
 This time we will be taking a look at Evandor, Guardian of the North Peak. At this point, I have exhausted all of the  official Lord of the Rings lore about the Eagles so I am creating my own.  As Guardian of the North Peak, Evandor is responsible for the security of the Eagles home, the Aerie, and is therefore seldom seen away from its borders.

Evandor, work in Progress
Evandor is represented by the Giant Eagle figure from Ebob Miniatures. The woodland base is also from Ebob.

Here are a few shots of the completed Evandor. I wanted to do at least one of the eagles as a bald eagle and I think the one from Ebob was a good choice, although it is a bit smaller than the other Eagles. The base is painted and decorated with static grass and clump foliage to represent some small bushes.

Evandor, Guardian of the North Peak
There is a look at Evandor.

Coming Soon: Isengard/Dunland Army List, Firestorm Armada, Lizardmen, more Eagles.

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