Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miniatures Photo Studio, Part 1: Materials List

Okay so alot of times you see photos online of painted minis on someone's computer desk or hobby table with a bunch of clutter or computer keyboard and printer in the background. I have posted my fair share of those myself. So I had an idea to create a way to always have a handy place to snap a quick photo of my current painting or conversion project.

I have decided  to make a miniatures photo studio. I will cover this project in several blog posts. Today I will list all of the Materials that I will use along with links to where I got them in case you want to make your own studio.

Materials Needed: 
In addition to the items listed below I will be using some common hobby tools and materials like white glue, a foam cutter, and x-acto knife.

Project Base
First up is the Scene-A-Rama Large Project Base from Woodland Scenics. The Scene-A-Rama line is marketed from Woodland Scenics for school projects for kids, but it has a lot of small kits that give you everything you need to try a certain technique such as making paster rocks or water effects.  I purchased the project base from Hobby Lobby.

Scene-A-Rama Project Base

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