Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rangers of Ithillian 600 Point Army List

This is my Rangers of Ithillian Army list for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I have been working on painting these guys since about January and finally finished them before the Mayhem in the Mountains 2011 tournament in September. The army list was made with Army Builder.

Faramir's Rangers

600 Pts - The Rangers of Ithilien Roster - Faramir's Rangers

Faramir's Troupe (17#, 214 pts)
Faramir, 70 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour)
8 Osgiliath Veteran Swordsmen, 72 pts (Loyal to the Captains; Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
8 Minas Tirith Spearmen, 72 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Cirion's Guard (7#, 103 pts)
Cirion, Lieutenant of Amon Barad, 55 pts (Boldest of the Bold; Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)
6 Citadel Guard, 48 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

Minas Tirith Company (10#, 155 pts)
Davion, Captain of Minas Tirith, 55 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
1 Banner Bearer, 32 pts (Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Banner)
4 Minas Tirith Swordsmen, 32 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)
4 Minas Tirith Spearmen, 36 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Rangers of Ithillian (13#, 128 pts)
Damrod, 20 pts (Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour)
12 Rangers w/Spears, 108 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Bow; Armour)

Heroes: 4
Warriors: 43
Total Model Count: 47
Total Roster Cost: 600

Army Strengths:

  • High Model Count
  • Lots of Might, 9 points between the 4 heroes
  • Lots of high defense (6) models in the Minas Tirath Warriors and Osgilliath Veterans
  • Osgilliath Veterans and Rangers provide a good number of Fight 4 models
  • Rangers' Archery hitting on 3+ is always dangerous
  • Citadel Guard always pass courage checks as long as Cirion is alive

Army Weaknesses:

  • Biggest weakness is that nothing except the heroes has higher than a 3 strength. This means killing defense 6 or higher models requires a roll of a 6.
  • Rangers are only defense 4, they die easily if they lose a fight.
  • Citadel guard cannot take shields so they are only defense 5, also die easily.
  • Faramir is defense 5, too easy to wound even though he has 2 fate and 2 wounds.

Coming Soon: Gondor units, Gondor conversions, additional Lord of the Rings Army Lists.

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