Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mayhem in the Mountains Army Roundup

Here is another post with pictures from Mayhem in the Mountains. This time I will be posting shots of the armies.

MitM 2011 Armies
Rob Kruse's Gondor Army
Rob K's army is lead by both Boromir and Faramir.

MitM 2011 Armies
Craig Brooks's Grey Company and Army of the Dead

Craig's Army was Grey company and Army of the Dead with the King of the Dead and Legolas.

MitM 2011 Armies
Chris Langland's Cirith Ungol Army
Chris L's Cirith Ungol army is led by the Witch King.

MitM 2011 Armies
Tim McKnight's Black Gate Army
Tim's Mordor Army is led by the Witch King on fell beast and the Mouth of Sauron with a Mordor Troll Chieftan.

MitM 2011 Armies
Will Foster's Ice Dwarves with Snowman Marker

Will has two balistas in this small dwarf army.

MitM 2011 Armies
Rob Farallo's Easterlings

Rob F's Easterlings are led by the Master of blades and a Dragon Knight.

MitM 2011 Armies
Rob Graham's Dwarf Army

MitM 2011 Armies
Frank Brown's Goblin Army

MitM 2011 Armies
Chris Ward's Isengard force led by Saruman

Chris W's Isengard force is led by Saruman.

MitM 2011 Armies
Chris Cole's scratch built Ents

Chris C's ent force is led by Treebeard.

Faramir's Rangers
My Rangers of Ithillian Army led by Faramir

My Rangers of Ithillian army is lead by Faramir, Damrod, Cirion and "Dave", Captain of Gondor.

Coming soon: Mayhem in the Mountains battle reports.

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