Friday, August 19, 2011

Rangers of Gondor

So the last models that I need to finish painting for Mayhem in the Mountains are my Rangers of Gondor. I had been assembly line painting them, but now I am close enough to finished that I switched to completing one  model at a time.

Rangers of Gondor
Three Rangers of Gondor

Painting them the other night I was able to finish six of them. These guys still need to be sprayed with matte varnish and have their bases completed. The first three above have cloaks in dark angels green and robes in catachan green.  You may notice that the guy on the left has a spear added across his back. Since some of the spears on both my rangers and warriors of Minas Tirath had broken, I went looking for some replacements. I found these replacement spears - actually Javelins at Old Glory Miniatures. They are a pretty good deal, you get 30 in a pack for $6.00 USD.

Rangers of Gondor
A second trio of rangers
The next trio of rangers are a bit different. They have dark angels green cloaks again, but camo green on the robes. I wanted o mix up the color scheme on the 24 rangers a bit. So I picked four colors of green and broke them up into eight groups of three. Each group has a different combination of greens on their cloaks and robes.  Hopefully this way they will look varied but still cohesive enough to all look like part of the same force.

Coming Soon: paint scheme guide for the rangers, more rangers. Also I will break out the Mordor table and see what touch ups it may need before MitM.

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