Monday, August 29, 2011

Lord of the Rings: Gondor vs Easterlings

This Saturday I had a chance to play a test game against my friend Rob. I was using the list that I plan to use for the Mayhem in the Mountains tournament next month.  We were also play testing a modified version of the "A Clash of Picquets" scenario that may be one of the scenarios for the tournament. I really hope it is not though, because in my opinion the modifications to the scenario made it confusing and overly complicated. Despite the fact that I ended up winning the game, it wasn't really that fun. If this scenario shows up at the tournament I hope the rules have been cleaned up - alot.

We played the game on my Mordor table. Below is a shot of the table at about the end of turn 1.  Faramir and his veterans are over by the tree on the right. The rest of my army is scattered randomly about the board due to the messed up deployment rules of the scenario. My captain of Gondor and about six or eight more figures are just out of the picture to the left of the rangers guarding the lava trench.

Mordor Table
Gondor vs Easterlings on the Mordor Table. 

You can see the new trees that I recently made. I think they look pretty decent on the table.

After turn 1 I forgot to take any more pictures, but the game progressed pretty evenly until about turn 7 or 8 when I had a pretty good turn of combat and broke Rob's army. The scenario then dictated that the game ended on a die roll of 1 or 2. Which Rob promptly rolled a 2 on the first try. I am pretty happy with how the army performed despite a couple of setbacks. First, Cirion, one of my heroes, kept rolling 1s and 2s and did not come onto the table until turn 6. Yeah, turn 6!  Also Rob smartly placed a group of low defense rangers and citadel guard in position to be charged by his cavalry. They all promptly died except for 1 ranger that fought off a cataphract for the entire game.

So a decent game despite a terrible scenario. I look forward to trying to get a few more games in before the tournament.

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