Monday, August 15, 2011

Imperial Fist Color Scheme - Tactical Squads

I was playing around with the Space Marine Painter over at The Bolter & Chainsword the other day and  I decided to produce some examples of my Imperial Fist color scheme. This color scheme is similar to but varies somewhat from the Ultramarines Heraldry laid out in the Codex Astartes (or Codex: Space Marines to you and me).

The basic color of the Imperial Fist's armor is a deep golden yellow with the chest eagle picked out in a brighter yellow. The soft armor showing at the joints is a dark gray verging on black. The left hand is painted black in deference to the chapter symbol. The boots are also black. The standard issue bolter is a utilitarian gun metal with black casing.

The Imperial Fist chapter symbol is displayed on the left shoulder pad. The right shoulder pad displays the marine's squad markings.
Imperial Fist Tactical Marine, 3rd Company
Above is shown the color scheme of a space marine from a Tactical Squad of the Imperial Fists 3rd Company.  The company color of the 3rd Company, is a bright blood red which is displayed on the marine's right knee pad and shoulder pad trim. The gothic numeral 3 is also displayed on the right knee pad. The tactical squad marking of the upward pointing arrow can be displayed in either black or the company color depending on the preferences and traditions of the individual squad. The squad markings also often include the  squad number in either gothic or roman numerals.

Imperial Fist Tactical Squad Veteran Sergeant, 3rd Company
Next is shown the color scheme of a veteran sergeant of the same squad.  The bolt pistol of the sergeant is the same  utilitarian black and gun metal as the marine's bolters. The casing of his chain sword is the blood red of the 3rd Company. His veteran status, like all Imperial Fist veterans, is denoted by his blood red helmet. Of course to attain the rank of sergeant an Imperial Fist must first be recognized as a veteran of numerous campaigns, so all Imperial Fist sergeants are by definition veterans.
Imperial Fist Tactical Marine, Heavy Weapon Specialist, 3rd  Company
Of course all Imperial Fists are trained in a wide variety of personal and heavy armaments. However, those that excel in the heavy weapons class are given advanced training in the use and maintenance of these weapons. These specialists are allowed special recognition by painting the inner fields of their shoulder pads black. The shoulder pad trim is still painted in the company color. Many of these specialists are assigned to Devastator Squads or as vehicle crews, but one such specialist is assigned to every tactical squad.

Imperial Fist Tactical Marine, Assault Weapon Specialist, 3rd Company
Similar to the heavy weapon specialists, some marines also specialize in the use of flamers, plasma guns or other Squad Assault Weapons (SAWs). These specialists paint the inner fields of their shoulder pads a fiery orange. The shoulder pad trim is still painted in the company color.  There is one assault weapons specialist assigned to every tactical squad.

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