Monday, August 29, 2011

The Eagles are Coming

Okay, last Friday I just got my annual bonus from work, so for the next week or so I probably have more money than sense. Having said that, I just ordered a 600 point all Eagle army for Lord of the Rings SBG. Why I did this when I am about cross-eyed from painting so much Gondor stuff recently I have no good answer for. 

I already have one eagle that I painted up for use with my Rangers of Ithillian (Gondor) army. Unfortunately due to the allies rules I have to use him as Gwaihir, the King of Eagles. This is not such a great choice for the Rangers List, so I have not used him much.

My Giant Eagle Figure
Above is a pic of my eagle figure that I have painted up. Below is a shot of the same figure from the Games Workshop website (shhh!) that shows the whole figure.

Games Workshop Giant Eagle, photo copyright Games Workshop
Here is the entire army list
600 Pts - The Eagles of the Misty Mountains Roster

Hero (1#, 125 pts)
1 Gwaihir, 125 pts (Fly; Lord of The Eagles; Terror)

Giant Eagle (5#, 450 pts)
5 Giant Eagle, 450 pts (Fly; Terror)

Total Roster Cost: 575

So I didn't want an army made up of the same six models. Especially when that model costs $30 USD. So I put my google-fu to the test and went looking for some alternatives. I found some nice alternatives. Unfortunately they are still in the same price range, but at least I will get some variety in the army.

Here is what I found. I placed some online orders so the eagles really are coming! Once I have all the models in hand, I will have to see which is the most impressive and that one will be Gwaihir.

Giant Eagle by Reaper Miniatures, photo copyright Reaper Miniatures
The first one is from Reaper Miniatures. I am a big fan of Reaper, they always have good stuff.

Great Eagle I by Gamezone Miniatures, photo copyright by Gamezone Miniatures
The next ones I found were from Gamezone Miniatures. Gamezone is a European company that I had not heard of before, but I found this german based website. I have linked to the english version.

The above pose is my favorite one from Gamezone, possibly of all of the figures I found.

Great Eagle II by Gamezone Miniatures, photo copyright Gamezone Miniatures
This is another great pose, with one wingtip just brushing the ground.

Great Eagle III by Gamezone, photo copyright by Gamezone Miniatures
The third of the Gamezone Eagles, this one is nice too. I am glad that I found these minis.
Giant Eagle by Ebob Miniatures, photo copyright by Ebob Miniatures

This last miniature is from Ebob Miniatures. This one is interesting because it is a landed pose. Since it does not include the base I am interested in see how much of that rock outcropping may or may not come attached to the Eagle.

Well I will post more on the eagles once they are all in hand. I guess that means there will be more Lord of the Rings stuff coming down the blog pipe.  However I have Eldar in the works as well.

Read more on the eagles here. - update 10/15/11


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