Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dead? Trees for Mordor

As some of you may know, I have been planning on making some dead trees to add to my Mordor Table for this year's Mayhem in the Mountains. I started the trees last year, but didn't have time to finish them before the tournament. Well, I finally got around to finishing them and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Although with the fall colored foliage that I used, I don't know how dead the trees really look.  Apparently, Mordor is beautiful in the autumn!

Autumn Trees
The Trees turned out more Autumn-like than dead.

Autumn Trees
Two of the Trees
Unfortunately I don't have any work in progress pictures but I will do a quick How-To guide.

  • Create the tree armatures from Floral Wire. Twist two or three of the 18 inch pieces together to get the basic shape of the tree. I used two pairs of needle nose pliers to get a tight twist.
  • Create the bark by using homemade "paper mache". Tear newspaper in 1/4 inch wide strips and soak in white glue. Then wrap around the tree armature. be sure to cover all of the wire.
  • Cut bases from thick non-corrugated cardboard. The back of a legal pad is about the right thickness.
  • Glue tree to base and add some basing material of your choice for texture.
  • Spray the whole thing with black primer.
  • Paint the tree bark to your desired color. Paint the base as well.
  • Glue some foliage to the tree or leave it bare if you choose. I used the the Gale Force 9 Clump Foliage: Autumn.  It took 3 packages to do the five trees. I am sure that Woodland Scenics makes a comparable product in a much larger container, but the GF9 stuff was handy.

Autumn Trees
A second pair of trees

Autumn Trees
The last and tallest tree
Here is a shot with a few rangers to give you the scale of the trees.

Autumn Trees
Tree with some LotR Rangers for Scale

Coming soon: Rangers of Gondor. Also pictures of the rest of my Gondor force and the Mordor table before MitM next month.

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