Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cirith Ungol 600 Point Army List

I am trying out a new feature on the blog where I post an army list for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game every Sunday. So far I have posted my Minas Morgul and Rangers of Ithillian lists

So this is a new army that I will be making for the Lord of the Rings. It is a Mordor List using the Cirith Ungol roster. Even though this is a Cirith Ungol list there will be no Shelob. The army is led by Shagrat and is packed full of Mordor Uruk-Hai backed up by regular Orcs.  Unfortunately, since this is a new list and none of those Uruk-Hai are painted yet, I don't have a picture to show you.

You may have noticed that the biggest weakness of both armies that I have already posted is they are all Strength 3.  This army has 24 strength 4 Uruk-Hai, 12 that are carrying two handed weapons.  I am expecting that this will go a long way to cracking high defense armies.
600 Pts - Cirith Ungol Roster - Cirith Ungol Horde

600 Pts - Cirith Ungol Roster - Cirith Ungol Horde

Uruk-Hai of Cirith Ungol (25#, 326 pts)
   1 Shagrat, War Leader, 110 pts (Hand Weapon; Shield of Cirith Ungol; Heavy Armour)
   12 Mordor Uruk-Hai w/Shields, 108 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)
   12 Mordor Uruk-Hai w/Two Handed Weapons, 108 pts (Hand Weapon; Two-Handed Weapon; Armour)

Orcs of Cirith Ungol (30#, 274 pts)
   1 Gorz, Orc Captain, 45 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)
   1 Orc Drummer, 40 pts (Advance!; Hand Weapon; Armour)
   1 Orc Banner Bearer, 30 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour; Banner)
   12 Orc Warriors w/Spears & Shields, 84 pts (Hand Weapon; Spear; Armour; Shield)
   15 Orc Trackers, 75 pts (Hand Weapon; Orc Bow; Armour)

Heroes: 3
Warriors: 52
Total Model Count: 55
Total Roster Cost: 600

Army Strengths:

  • 24 Strength 4 Uruk-Hai means only needing 5s instead of 6s to kill a defense 6 model. 12 Two-handed weapons should help alot as well.
  • Fight 4 on the Uruk-Hai will help win tied fights as well.
  • Lots of orc spearmen to support the Uruk-Hai fighting one handed.
  • Shagrat is a beast with the Shiled of Cirith Ungol that knocks down enemies when he charges.
  • The Orc Drummer affects every model in the army, so +3 inches of movement to everyone within 12 inches. This should make getting to objectives much quicker.
  • 15 Orc Trackers should provide a good base of shooting.
  • Super high model count of 55.  I think anything over 50 is officially a horde.
Army Weaknesses:

  • The Mordor Uruk-Hai will be defense 4 or 5. The Orcs will be defense 5 and the Trackers are defense 3. This is a bit on the low side. Could turn ugly if I start losing a lot of fights.
  • I am sure there are other weaknesses but they probably won't be apparent until I get the army assembled and play a few games.

The army list was created with Army Builder.

Next Sunday: Eagles of the Misty Mountains Army List

Also coming soon on the blog: Painting Minas Tirath Knights, more Gondor Units, MERCS maybe?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Minas Morgul 600 Point Army List

This army list was my first Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game army list. It is a Mordor list using the Minas Morgul roster. I played this list at Mayhem in the Mountains in 2010 and for about a year before that. This army list was created with Army Builder.

This picture is of alot of Mordor figures, but not the exact army list described.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rangers of Ithillian 600 Point Army List

This is my Rangers of Ithillian Army list for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I have been working on painting these guys since about January and finally finished them before the Mayhem in the Mountains 2011 tournament in September. The army list was made with Army Builder.

Faramir's Rangers

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rules for LotR League

Recently, Thorak the founder of the Adeptus Mile High website and I have been trying to get local Lord of the Rings SBG players meeting and playing games on a more regular basis. To this end, we have been trying to organize weekly club meetings at our favorite local game store, Collectormania.

So in order to encourage people to play more games, I have written a set of rules for running a LotR league. The league is competitive but fun and is organized on a good vs evil theme.  Here is a link to a PDF of the rules.

Battle for Middle Earth League.pdf

Please feel free to download the rules and test them out.

I have also written one of the scenarios from scratch - #5 Ambush the Column. If anyone plays this scenario and has any feedback, please let me know.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eagles Army Work in Progress

So I have received all the models for my Eagles of the Misty Mountains army for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.  I have written about this eagles army once before in this post, if you want to catch up.

I have begun assembling and painting the eagles.  Since this army will only be six models at the 600 points level, I wanted to put some extra work into the bases to make them really stand out. I ordered one of  Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings Terrain Packs to use to fancy up the bases.

Eagle WIP
Reaper Giant Eagle on Statue Base

Eagle WIP
Side View of Reaper Giant Eagle
The first eagle here is the Giant Eagle from Reaper Miniatures. He is the biggest of the Eagles by a significant margin, so he will make an impressive Gwaihir I think. This figure is a giant hunk of metal, so I decided to mount him on a piece of brass rod instead of plastic. I did the same for the other eagles as well, although plastic would probably have worked for them. The statue on the base is from the GW terrain pack.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mayhem in the Mountains Army Roundup

Here is another post with pictures from Mayhem in the Mountains. This time I will be posting shots of the armies.

MitM 2011 Armies
Rob Kruse's Gondor Army
Rob K's army is lead by both Boromir and Faramir.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayhem in the Mountains Table Roundup

Here is just a quick post to show the tables for Mayhem in the Mountains 2011. There will not be a Best Table Category this Year since these are all versions of tables that appeared last year.

Edit 9/20/11: added pictures of the Shire and Ithillian Tables.

Shire Table
Shire Table By Tim McKnight
Beacon of Gondor Table
Beacon of Gondor Table by Eric Autret
Osgiliath Table
Osgilliath Table by Various Collectormania Patrons

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Eagles are Coming

Okay, last Friday I just got my annual bonus from work, so for the next week or so I probably have more money than sense. Having said that, I just ordered a 600 point all Eagle army for Lord of the Rings SBG. Why I did this when I am about cross-eyed from painting so much Gondor stuff recently I have no good answer for. 

I already have one eagle that I painted up for use with my Rangers of Ithillian (Gondor) army. Unfortunately due to the allies rules I have to use him as Gwaihir, the King of Eagles. This is not such a great choice for the Rangers List, so I have not used him much.

My Giant Eagle Figure
Above is a pic of my eagle figure that I have painted up. Below is a shot of the same figure from the Games Workshop website (shhh!) that shows the whole figure.

Games Workshop Giant Eagle, photo copyright Games Workshop

Lord of the Rings: Gondor vs Easterlings

This Saturday I had a chance to play a test game against my friend Rob. I was using the list that I plan to use for the Mayhem in the Mountains tournament next month.  We were also play testing a modified version of the "A Clash of Picquets" scenario that may be one of the scenarios for the tournament. I really hope it is not though, because in my opinion the modifications to the scenario made it confusing and overly complicated. Despite the fact that I ended up winning the game, it wasn't really that fun. If this scenario shows up at the tournament I hope the rules have been cleaned up - alot.

We played the game on my Mordor table. Below is a shot of the table at about the end of turn 1.  Faramir and his veterans are over by the tree on the right. The rest of my army is scattered randomly about the board due to the messed up deployment rules of the scenario. My captain of Gondor and about six or eight more figures are just out of the picture to the left of the rangers guarding the lava trench.

Mordor Table
Gondor vs Easterlings on the Mordor Table. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rangers of Gondor

So the last models that I need to finish painting for Mayhem in the Mountains are my Rangers of Gondor. I had been assembly line painting them, but now I am close enough to finished that I switched to completing one  model at a time.

Rangers of Gondor
Three Rangers of Gondor

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dead? Trees for Mordor

As some of you may know, I have been planning on making some dead trees to add to my Mordor Table for this year's Mayhem in the Mountains. I started the trees last year, but didn't have time to finish them before the tournament. Well, I finally got around to finishing them and I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Although with the fall colored foliage that I used, I don't know how dead the trees really look.  Apparently, Mordor is beautiful in the autumn!

Autumn Trees
The Trees turned out more Autumn-like than dead.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Imperial Fist Color Scheme - Tactical Squads

I was playing around with the Space Marine Painter over at The Bolter & Chainsword the other day and  I decided to produce some examples of my Imperial Fist color scheme. This color scheme is similar to but varies somewhat from the Ultramarines Heraldry laid out in the Codex Astartes (or Codex: Space Marines to you and me).

The basic color of the Imperial Fist's armor is a deep golden yellow with the chest eagle picked out in a brighter yellow. The soft armor showing at the joints is a dark gray verging on black. The left hand is painted black in deference to the chapter symbol. The boots are also black. The standard issue bolter is a utilitarian gun metal with black casing.

The Imperial Fist chapter symbol is displayed on the left shoulder pad. The right shoulder pad displays the marine's squad markings.
Imperial Fist Tactical Marine, 3rd Company
Above is shown the color scheme of a space marine from a Tactical Squad of the Imperial Fists 3rd Company.  The company color of the 3rd Company, is a bright blood red which is displayed on the marine's right knee pad and shoulder pad trim. The gothic numeral 3 is also displayed on the right knee pad. The tactical squad marking of the upward pointing arrow can be displayed in either black or the company color depending on the preferences and traditions of the individual squad. The squad markings also often include the  squad number in either gothic or roman numerals.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miniatures Photo Studio, Part 1: Materials List

Okay so alot of times you see photos online of painted minis on someone's computer desk or hobby table with a bunch of clutter or computer keyboard and printer in the background. I have posted my fair share of those myself. So I had an idea to create a way to always have a handy place to snap a quick photo of my current painting or conversion project.

I have decided  to make a miniatures photo studio. I will cover this project in several blog posts. Today I will list all of the Materials that I will use along with links to where I got them in case you want to make your own studio.

Materials Needed: 
In addition to the items listed below I will be using some common hobby tools and materials like white glue, a foam cutter, and x-acto knife.

Project Base
First up is the Scene-A-Rama Large Project Base from Woodland Scenics. The Scene-A-Rama line is marketed from Woodland Scenics for school projects for kids, but it has a lot of small kits that give you everything you need to try a certain technique such as making paster rocks or water effects.  I purchased the project base from Hobby Lobby.

Scene-A-Rama Project Base

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Godric the Unkillable

Godric the Unkillable
Okay so I needed a figure for my Pathfinder Society character Godric. When I need a mini for an RPG character the first place I go to look is Reaper Miniatures because they have literally thousands of great figures for RPG characters. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the Reaper Figure Finder.  If you have never used it, it is actually kind of fun. Go ahead I'll wait.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Base-ics

The blog is back!  And what better way to celebrate that fact than with a terrible pun? None that's what!

Anyway for my first post in a couple of months, I am going to talk about the very foundation of miniature gaming, that's right bases! I have been getting ready to work on some individual character minis for my RPG games and I wanted to do something different than the normal sand and grass bases that are so common on a lot of armies. Since these are individual characters I don't mind spending a bit more time on each base, so I thought I would try my hand at doing some "green stuff" work on the bases.

For those that don't know, Kneadatite, aka green stuff is a two part epoxy putty that is widely used in the gaming and hobby industry for sculpting miniatures. Follow the link for more info.

Monday, January 17, 2011

RPG Superstar 2011

Paizo Publishing, the publisher of the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game, is hosting the fourth annual RPG Superstar Contest. The contest is an open call to find new RPG designers. The first round is an open submission to design a wondrous magic item, from which the judges select the top 32 entrants to compete in the contest. The top 32 for this year's contest will be announced tomorrow January 18th. So if you are interested in Pathfinder or Game Design go to the Paizo site and check out the Top 32!
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