Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mayhem in the Mountains Recap - Part 3 - The Games

Okay, this post falls into the category of "Better Late Than Never".  Since it has been over a month since the MitM tournament, the recap for each game is going to be pretty quick. Read this post to see my army list.

Round 1

Opponent: Tim Kulinski
Army: Spiders of Dol Guldur

1 Spider Queen
10 Giant Spiders
2 Bat Swarms

1 Goblin Captain
10 Goblin Bowmen
11 Goblin Warriors with Shields
10 Goblin Warriors with Shields & Spears

Result: Major Loss

Recap: I pretty much lost this game during deployment. The scenario featured split deployment and night fighting rules. I choose to place my orc warriors and trackers up front near the enemy instead of placing a wall of terror causing Black Numenoreans up front.  Tim quickly swarmed the hapless orcs with his spiders and bat swarms.  It was an uphill battle trying to kill off the multi-would spiders and bats while Tim's goblins roamed around unimpeded on his half of the table while my whole army was killing spiders.  Still, Tim was a fun opponent, and I think I learned alot from facing this type of army for the first time.

Round 2
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