Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soldiers of Fortune - a quick review of MERCS

Merc Heavy Gunner
While browsing miniature game websites, I recently discovered a little game called MERCS. MERCS is a skirmish level game with a near future sci-fi theme. There are a few things that caught my interest about the game. The first is the miniatures, they look absolutely fantastic. They are 28mm scale so they are about the same size as 40k or Warmachine figures. Second, when they say skirmish, they mean it. Rather than being point based, your merc team will consist of exactly five miniatures. Last the game is d10 based instead of d6, so that will distinguish it from other games as well.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buh-bye Blue

Okay so I have been working on the Mordor board and have the basecoat down. So it is buh-bye to the foamtastic blue and hello to colors. Well black and brown anyways Mordor is not exactly a vacation paradise. Here is a shot of  the board as it stands now.

Mordor WIP
Mordor Board with base colors

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mt. Evil

Last night I put the first coat of textured paint on the board. It is begining to look like something other than a gigantic blue ice flow. Unfortunately forgot to take any pictures.

Tonight,  it was a little crowded at the shop, so instead of putting a second coat of paint on all the board sections (since that takes up alot of table space as they dry), I worked on the volcano a bit. 

I got the basic shape of the thing down and then went to work on the idea I had for the ledges. There is now a stone stair bridge from each half of the board that leads to the main landing area. from there stairs wind up to the top of the volcano should anyone care to climb to such a lofty perch. Each stair can hold one mini and the volcano's rim can hold minis as well. I borrowed a couple of Tim's goblin's to test the stability of the steps.

Time for pictures - is now!
Mt. Evil
Goblins Climbing Volcano Stairs

Mordor WIP
A wide shot of the table with the grey texture paint

All in all, not a bad night for the project.

For more go to Buh-bye Blue --edit 8/18/11

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twilight Awesomeness

No, not that Twilight. I said "Awesomeness" didn't I?

No, I am talking about Twilight Ringwraiths, or the Nazgul, as they appeared to Frodo when he wore the One Ring. Check them out below in their movie incarnation.

Twilight Ringwraiths from the Fellowship of the Ring Movie
Since I am playing in some Lord of the Rings tournaments coming up in September, today I painted a Twilight Ringwraith miniature for use with my Minas Morgul army.

Twilight Ringwraith
Twilight Ringwraith Miniature from Games Workshop

Saturday in Mordor

Saturday was a pretty good day project wise.  I was able to get a ton of work done on the Mordor terrain board.  Here is the first picture of the last table quarter to have the lava sections cut away. This one will feature the volcano in the corner. This picture, like all of the Mordor board pictures so far, was taken with my blackberry.

Mordor Terrain Board WIP

For the rest of these pictures, I got my actual camera out, so hopefully these are a little better quality. Here is a shot of all four board sections back together with the lava sections cut away.  At this point they have also been glued to the MDF bases, so once the glue sets the real terraforming (mordorforming?) can begin.

Mordor Terrain Board WIP

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