Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mayhem in the Mountains Recap - Part 3 - The Games

Okay, this post falls into the category of "Better Late Than Never".  Since it has been over a month since the MitM tournament, the recap for each game is going to be pretty quick. Read this post to see my army list.

Round 1

Opponent: Tim Kulinski
Army: Spiders of Dol Guldur

1 Spider Queen
10 Giant Spiders
2 Bat Swarms

1 Goblin Captain
10 Goblin Bowmen
11 Goblin Warriors with Shields
10 Goblin Warriors with Shields & Spears

Result: Major Loss

Recap: I pretty much lost this game during deployment. The scenario featured split deployment and night fighting rules. I choose to place my orc warriors and trackers up front near the enemy instead of placing a wall of terror causing Black Numenoreans up front.  Tim quickly swarmed the hapless orcs with his spiders and bat swarms.  It was an uphill battle trying to kill off the multi-would spiders and bats while Tim's goblins roamed around unimpeded on his half of the table while my whole army was killing spiders.  Still, Tim was a fun opponent, and I think I learned alot from facing this type of army for the first time.

Round 2

Opponent: Tim McKnight
Army: Black Gate & Nazgul

Witch-King on Fellbeast
Mouth of Sauron
Troll Chieftian
12 Morannon Orcs
12 Morannon Orcs with Spears

Result: Major Victory

Recap: This game turned out to be a battle of the Nazgul.  First Tim tried to Sap will on my Undying but I was able to dispell the spell with my will points.  The next turn the Undying returned the favor and successfully Sapped Will on the Witch King, removing him from the table.  With the expensive Witch King and Fellbeast removed from the game, my numeric superiority allowed me to wear down the rest of Tim's army until it broke and eventually fled off the table. I have played probably half my LotR games against Tim, and as always he was a great sport and fun opponent to play against.

Round 3

Player: Chris Ward
Army: Legions of the White Hand

Uruk-Hai Captian
3 Uruk-Hai Berserkers
14 Uruk-Hai Warriors
13 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Pikes
5 Uruk-Hai Warriors with Crossbows

Result: Minor Loss

Recap:  This scenario was "Domination" which involved controlling three objective points spread across the table. I felt pretty confident going into this game since I had played this same scenario on the same table against Rob F's Easterling army at Taciticon two weeks eariler.  Three turns in, everything looked good. I had a line of Terror causing Black Numenoreans between all three objectives and Chris' Uruk-hai. Once we started rolling dice everything went to hell. To say that I had trouble killing Uruk-hai during this game would be the understatement of the year. At the end of the game I had killed a grand total of 5 models from Chris' army - 4 of them with Black Darts from the Nazgul! The only reason that I held on to a minor loss (instead of major) is that I had about 4 or 5 models clustered around one objective when time was called for the round. This was a rough game, but not because anything Chris did - he was a great opponent and this was our first game - my dice just betrayed me this game.

Round 4

Player: Bryce Stevenson
Army: Galadhrim & Rivendell

Elladan & Elrohir
1 Galadhrim Warrior with Banner
7 Galadhrim Warriors
8 Galadhrim Warriors with Spears
8 Galadhrim Warriors with Elf Bows
4 Galadhrim Knights
2 Galadhrim Knights wth Elf Bows

Result: Draw

Recap: This was probably the closest game that I played during the whole tournament. The scenarios was "Sieze the Prize" where we had to dig up an artifact and then escape with it off of our opponents board edge. The game was very close, despite Bryce calling 3 heroic combats and burning through about 6 might in one turn. The efftect was pretty devastating on my line and a lead to us battling for about three more turns with out being able to dig up the artifact. Eventually after digging up the artifact and repeatedly transfixing Bryce's heroes, Grisnakh was able to get the prize and start moving towards Bryce's Board edge. As I said, this was a close game and both of our armies broke on the same turn. I was able to cover most of my orcs with the Stand Fasts of the two Nazgul, but being a "hero" Grisnakh had to make his own roll - which of course he failed, dropping the artifact and fleeing off the table. On the upside for ole Grisnakh - this was the first game I played him in where he was not killed in combat! The few remaining turns consisted of Bryce and I scrambling to get control of the loose artifact. Bryce had it when we finally ran out of time - giving him one bonus point but ending the game in a draw.

Round 5

Player: Rob Brightwell
Army: Cirith Ungol

Gorbag with Shield
Orc Captian with Shield
Mordor Troll
1 Orc with Banner
10 Orcs with Shields
10 Orcs with Spears
5 Orcs with 2 Handed Weapons
4 Orcs with Bows
6 Orc Trackers
2 Warg Riders with Shields
2 Warg Riders with Bows
2 Warg Riders with Spear and Shield

Result: Draw

Recap: Rob's army boasted both  a Troll and Shelob two serious threats that I had to be wary of. We were playing on the Isengard table with two large pits in the middle of the table. Our main forces both headed up the middle but Rob sent his warg riders around the side of one of the pits in a flanking action. I sent a small contingent of black numenoreans backed up by orc spearmen to deal with them.  In the center, I used transfix and my spectres to keep Shelob and the troll out of the fight as much as possible - which seemed to work and  left us fighting orc vs orc &  a few black numenoreans.  On the flank I was able to surround and kill all but one warg rider which eventually fled back to the main army. I was trying to bring the flanking force around the pit into the rear of Robs army when time was called. There were alot of fights but neither army was broken leaving the game as a draw.
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