Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mayhem in the Mountains Recap - Part 2

Instead of going to the battle reports next (which are a lot of work to type up!), I am going to skip ahead to a few of the awards. The Two Awards as it were - the ones that I won. :)

First Up - I won Best Table for the Mordor Lava Board
Mordor Board Finished

Here is a shot of it set up in my dining room. This is basically how it looked at the tournament. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at the tournament. However, there are a bunch more pictures of both the finished board and works in progress in my Wargames Terrain Slideshow on Flickr.

Secondly - I won Best Calvary Sized Model in the Durin's Axe painting competition for my Giant Eagle model. I painted this a while ago, but it is the only good model that I have finished. I have been concentrating on Mordor - both the terrain and my army for a while now.

Eagle 4

Eagle 3

So each of these awards came with a nice plaque and a LotR box set. I ended up getting an Army of the Dead box set and an Uruk-hai Scouts box set.  Getting free mini is awesome - but it doesn't get me any closer to actually reducing the number of minis that I need to paint!

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