Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twilight Awesomeness

No, not that Twilight. I said "Awesomeness" didn't I?

No, I am talking about Twilight Ringwraiths, or the Nazgul, as they appeared to Frodo when he wore the One Ring. Check them out below in their movie incarnation.

Twilight Ringwraiths from the Fellowship of the Ring Movie
Since I am playing in some Lord of the Rings tournaments coming up in September, today I painted a Twilight Ringwraith miniature for use with my Minas Morgul army.

Twilight Ringwraith
Twilight Ringwraith Miniature from Games Workshop
 Here is a view of the back of the mini.

Twilight Ringwraith Back
Rear View of Twilight Ringwraith miniature

Since the miniatures I normally use for my Nazgul are actually made by another company (Reaper Miniatures) they are not legal to use in the tournament. Although I still think they are great minis.

Spectre miniatures from Reaper are my normal Nazgul

The Twilight Ringwraith will give me one legal Nazgul mini to use in the Tacticon tournament at 350 points, but I am going to have to paint up another figure for the Mayhem in the Mountains tournament later in the month since it is 600 points and includes 2 Nazgul in the armylist.

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