Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soldiers of Fortune - a quick review of MERCS

Merc Heavy Gunner
While browsing miniature game websites, I recently discovered a little game called MERCS. MERCS is a skirmish level game with a near future sci-fi theme. There are a few things that caught my interest about the game. The first is the miniatures, they look absolutely fantastic. They are 28mm scale so they are about the same size as 40k or Warmachine figures. Second, when they say skirmish, they mean it. Rather than being point based, your merc team will consist of exactly five miniatures. Last the game is d10 based instead of d6, so that will distinguish it from other games as well.

Now, MERCS is a relatively new game, they don't even have a rulebook out yet. However, they do have their basic rules available via a free PDF download from their website. Hey, free is always good in my book. Now there are four factions to choose your team from and according to the website they are planning six different minis for each faction so there can be some variations in team choice. Currently however not all of the miniatures are available.

I am considering buying into this game. Since you only need 5 minis and they are priced $9.99 each, this game is playable with about a $50 investment. As miniatures games go, that is pretty affordable. Look for more on this game once some of my current projects are completed. Here is the url for the MERCS website so you can check it out on your own: Mercs Minis - Dynamic Gaming Miniature
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