Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mt. Evil

Last night I put the first coat of textured paint on the board. It is begining to look like something other than a gigantic blue ice flow. Unfortunately forgot to take any pictures.

Tonight,  it was a little crowded at the shop, so instead of putting a second coat of paint on all the board sections (since that takes up alot of table space as they dry), I worked on the volcano a bit. 

I got the basic shape of the thing down and then went to work on the idea I had for the ledges. There is now a stone stair bridge from each half of the board that leads to the main landing area. from there stairs wind up to the top of the volcano should anyone care to climb to such a lofty perch. Each stair can hold one mini and the volcano's rim can hold minis as well. I borrowed a couple of Tim's goblin's to test the stability of the steps.

Time for pictures - is now!
Mt. Evil
Goblins Climbing Volcano Stairs

Mordor WIP
A wide shot of the table with the grey texture paint

All in all, not a bad night for the project.

For more go to Buh-bye Blue --edit 8/18/11

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