Sunday, August 15, 2010

Buh-bye Blue

Okay so I have been working on the Mordor board and have the basecoat down. So it is buh-bye to the foamtastic blue and hello to colors. Well black and brown anyways Mordor is not exactly a vacation paradise. Here is a shot of  the board as it stands now.

Mordor WIP
Mordor Board with base colors

Rob and Ian also played a game using the board on Friday. It was Rob's Easterlings vs Ian's Moria Goblins and Balrog battling for supremacy on the cracked lava fields of Mordor.  Ultimately the Easterlings emerged victorious while only taking a handful of casualties from the goblins.  Here are a few shots of the action.

Easterlings vs Moria
Easterlings vs Moria Goblins & Balrog

Easterlings vs Moria

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